Interesting Fact #1:

I began my photography ventures shooting football games.

Interesting Fact #2:

I know nothing about football.

It's true! It was for a local semi-professional football league. They had a need for quality photos and my Dad just happened to have a DSLR he was willing to let me borrow. It was funny because I had a hard time following where the ball was!! The great thing about that whole situation is that I found something that I enjoyed doing.

Having the ability to creatively capture treasured moments in peoples’ lives while making others laugh and smile with my goofy personality is one of the best aspects about being a photographer. Another plus is having the ability to brag about how many weddings I have (indirectly) been invited to. Most of all, I enjoy building new friendships along the way.

It's always a pleasure meeting awesome people. If you are looking for more information or would like to just say “hi,” shoot me an email at



She worked so well with the models and gave them great and easy directions in order to capture the most candid expressions making sure they were relaxed at the same time.
— Andrea J. of Tomboyz & Glitter
Angelita Eaton Photography-2_mini.jpg
I was going back and forth and a friend of mine suggested I check out Angie’s page and I am soooo thankful that I did! I LOVE our pictures, they turned out exactly how I wanted them to!
— Arielle S.
Angelita Eaton Photography-3_mini.jpg
Angelita has captured two great moments for my family so far and I plan on having her capture many more! Amazing work and she is awesome!
— Crystal W.
Angelita Eaton Photography-6_mini.jpg
We ended up liking almost every single shot, it was impossible to narrow it down. We have now hired Angelita for our wedding and are so excited to work with her again.
— Erin K.
Angelita Eaton Photography-5_mini.jpg
There is no stress when working with her, she knows what she’s doing, she’s quick to get our photos to us and I’m always 100% satisfied!
— Nehad D.
Angelita Eaton Photography-4_mini.jpg
She was able to capture the laughs and most memorable moments.
— Stephanie T.
Angelita Eaton Photography-1_mini.jpg
Angelita captures the natural beauty of each individual.
— Laura F.
Angelita Eaton Photography-8_mini.jpg